Company History

In 2010, M.O.E. was accredited according to DIN EN 45011 by the national accreditation body (DAkks) as the first company in the field of grid integration of renewable energies. In the same year, M.O.E. received a final authorization from the VDE (FNN) and the FGW. In the year 2010, M.O.E. could already confirm a successful refitting of more than 3 GW wind power carried out by inspections and system certificates. Thereby, we significantly contributed to a stable supply of power through renewable energies. We occupy the chairman’s seat of the most relevant committees and tightly collaborate with the leading manufacturers from the renewable energy industry.




  • Issuing of our first product series certificate for CHP systems.
  • Establishment of an independent department for cogeneration plants
  • Establishment of an independent department for unit certification



Extension of our accreditation to the new FGW TG8 Rev. 06, for the low voltage guideline VDE 4105 and following international guidelines:

  • PVVC (Spanish Grid Code)
  • Grid Code UK (British Grid Code September 23, 2011 Issue 4, Revision 8)
  • Turkish  grid connection regulations (GCR) (Elektrik Piyasasi Sebeke Yönetmeligi Version 28517 from 3rd January 2013)
  • Romanian GCR (Romanian Grid Code: ANRE Code rev. 1 from 28th of August 2004 in connection with the Grid Connection Technical Requirements for Photoelectric Power Parks)



  • More than 50 employees work at M.O.E.
  • Accreditation extended to include foreign grid codes, the low voltage grid code and gas engines



  • More than 50 solar System Certificates are ordered; more than 150 MW of installed solar power has already been certified
  • First harmonics measurements are carried out
  • All certificates for transition wind parks were delivered in due time until September 30, 2011
  • 100th System Certificate for wind energy is issued. The installed total power of all parks is 1 GW
  • M.O.E. offices opened in Hamburg and Kiel
  • Extension of the accreditation to the newest TG8 Rev. 05
  • More than 160 wind parks have been ordered for the year



  • M.O.E. finishes the first 15 solar System Certificates
  • M.O.E. is the first company to be approved by grid operators
  • 14 manufacturers have ordered their unit certification at M.O.E.
  • M.O.E. receives the accreditation according to DIN EN 45011 as a certification body
  • M.O.E. has 70 new wind parks in the pipeline
  • M.O.E. holds 50% market share on the inspection of existing parks, which corresponds to 1,500 wind energy turbines


  • 05/2009:  Establishment of M.O.E.

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