"Every company is just as successful as its employees."

We completely believe in this motto.

Our team consists of more than 80 employees, most of them with a background in electrical engineering, although we employ physicist, mathematicians and graduates with other university degrees as well. In our company, each academic degree is represented, from a bachelor and master degree or a Diploma graduate to a PhD. We believe in cooperating with universities and offering opportunities to young people. About ten students write their final thesis in our company each year.

Most of our employees come from the area of Hamburg and Kiel. To shorten their daily way to work, we relocated our headquarter from Meldorf to Itzehoe. In 2011, we decided to establish offices in Hamburg and Kiel. Furthermore, we offer flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home. About 20% of our team members are part time employees.

Advanced training is essential for our branch. Therefore, we offer internal and external training for our employees.

To keep out decisions transparent, we put special emphasis on our annual employee appraisals. The advantage is that we get to know our employee’s goals. Afterwards, we set our targets for the coming year.

Moreover, we aim to provide the best possible working environment. Therefore, our employees can choose their nearest workplace. In addition, we offer back training on a weekly basis and ergonomic workplaces.

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