Company Profile

We strive for an electrical power supply with a share of at least 80% from renewable energies in the year 2050.

In times of scarce resources and unmanageable risks of other technologies, we find this change indispensable, even if it comes with a large responsibility. Power generating units and systems already need to contribute to maintaining the power quality and frequency stability. In the near future, decentralized generating units and systems will have to ensure the power quality completely.  The intention is to reach these goals through sustainability of the products and certification.  The main focus is on the required electrical characteristics. In cooperation with several committees, we work on continuous review of the guidelines and a consensus of all interests. At the same time, we look for the best possible result for the grid stability and environment.


In 2014 our goal is to issue certificates for a total of 140 wind energy and 130 solar energy plants, which equals an installed power of 1.5 GW. We also aim to issue our first system and unit certificates for CHP-systems. The projects have already been assigned and our main focus is on the completion in due time. In addition, we are trying to reduce our delivery time for certificates in order to provide an improved service for the market. Furthermore, we gradually extend our accreditation for foreign grid codes.

Our Distinction

Due to the requirement of an accreditation according to DIN EN 45011 and DIN/EN ISO/IEC 17065, it is not possible for every company to access the market of grid integration of renewable energy sources. At the moment, only few companies have been accredited. Our focus on grid integration is unique and our commitment to several committees for the regulation and grid code development allows us to respond to every change concerning renewable energies quickly.

Customer Service

With the beginning of a project each customer will be assigned to a personal contact person. Therefore the customer communicates with just one contact partner who is in charge of the project. Until the end of the project, each customer will be supported intensively.


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