M.O.E. goes electric

The M.O.E. GmbH added an electric vehicle to their car pool. Therefore, our employees can use this innovative technology at work every day.

M.O.E. is a Naturstrom – customer now

The M.O.E. GmbH purchases electricity from the NATURSTROM AG with 100% green energy from water, wind and sun. Thereby, M.O.E. helps to protect the climate and supports renewable energies.

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Water experiment basin

The M.O.E. GmbH supports the Sophie-Scholl-Gymnasium in Itzehoe with the realization of the project „ Water experiment basin”. 

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M.O.E. GmbH donates 5.000€ to the children's clinic of the local hospital

In December 2013, the Christmas donation of 5.000€ goes to the pediatric department of the local hospital in Itzehoe. The donation is going to be invested in mobile observation monitors for premature infants.   

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M.O.E. donates to the children's hospice in "Sternenbrücke"

As Christmas is the time for gestures and gifts, the M.O.E. GmbH decided to donate 5.000€ to the children’s hospice instead of sending presents to their business partners.


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M.O.E. GmbH finances a school in Kenya

The M.O.E. Team is proud to finance the building of a school court for the Dago-Primary School.

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Donation to "Engineers without borders"

With a donation of 6000€, M.O.E. supported the organization in December 2011.

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Donation to "Medicins sans frontières"

With a donation of 1.600€ M.O.E. supported the organization in December 2010.

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